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Exclusive and customized design of high quality furnishings


Tailor-made design

You detail us your project, send us your briefing specifications (shapes, colors, materials, dimensions…) and we develop a design that meets all your expectations.


Development of your design

You send us your design and we make it a reality with the best quality finishes and materials, having the security and guarantee that we will adjust to the details of your project.


Adaptation of our designs

If you like our work and want to adapt it to your project, just choose the colors, materials and finishes you need to customize it.

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Reclaimed wood eco line by Velsan Design
Reclaimed wood eco line by Velsan Design


At Velsan Design we are committed to sustainability and respect for the environment. That is why we have found a unique way to give a second life to wood recovered from the sea, coming from the mussel rafts of the Galician estuaries. This wood, which we have dubbed “heroic”, has tirelessly withstood the onslaught of storms, relentless sun and persistent rain during the 25 years it has been submerged, making it an exceptional choice for our furniture.


Natural rustic finishes created by nature


Exceptional resistance thanks to 25 years at sea


Perfect for furniture, decoration and construction with exposed wood.

About us

Our desire is to materialize the ideas of our customers, to give shape to what they imagine to design or manufacture the perfect furniture for their projects.

At Velsan Design we want to be a point of reference for interior designers, architects and contract companies looking for the ideal in their proposals. For those professionals who need more than what the market offers.

Our goal is that they can work with a wide range of materials and incorporate any material or finish: woods, fabrics, leathers, mirrors, porcelain, metallics…

Marisa Del Valle

Commercial Director

Velsan Design - Marisa del Valle

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